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Why I've been gone!

2017-11-18 02:49:42 by SaucySauce

BOOBS! okay got your attention.Well hello dear reader yes i've been gone since madness day, and sad to say i haven't really been working on madness due to school work yada yada. but also the fact that to me my madness aniations and community isn't a job or a thing i work alot on but a past time/ hobby granted i do work and look at everyone's doings and what not but yeah.

hopefully after highschool ends i can get as much work done in the holidays as there is nothing i am doing, except a christmas aniamtion for my family. 

as for grumpy's collab i will try to create one more collab part and send it through hopefully you  guys will like it.

so the message basically is that I animate madness as a hobby and i won't be that active, except in australian holidays.



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2017-11-18 03:07:23

That's cool

SaucySauce responds:

*lip Smack* yep :T