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I really wish i spent more time on my part, maybe even redone it. it's really not up to par with what I can do now sadly

My Thoughts :3

Armieck: you're animation is a bit choppy but it is not bad as other people with there animation, also unlike most you can be bothered to actually add blood effects and all the other importants stuff. 6/10
Alex (I think): you're animation could use some work but I can tell that you are trying and I can see that, but it just is I tiny bit away from being great, also try and ad sound! :D. 5/10
Mjork: you're animation is smooth but a bit to slow and sometimes where a character stands messes with another character (or I might be thinking of someone else for that one). 7/10
kRyy: smooth as always! you can do the feeting super well (something is suck at :P) and also you add every neccecary detail (shells, muzzle, etc...) anyway great as always: 9/10
Not Flasky: it's a bit choppy and the movments can sometimes seem to fast or too slow but you can animate character movement well. just keep practising. 4/10
Electronic Headphone: you're animation is choppy at times but you are the best at having massive kill count which some people can't do, you are great at blood (so much tense). 7/10
Puc(is that pikalight?): smooth and fluid and feetingssss are great I can barley do them. in one of you're clips you're character falling was a bit weird there was no bounce afterwards (I know realisticly iit wouldn't but this...is...MADNEEEEE-). 8/10
AmunoMinigon: Love The sprites (so cool) movment is great although sometimes stuff seems like it's clipping through walls and floors, so much blood! if you work harder you can get some super fluid animations :3. 7/10
Ante45: I don't know whether it is my computer but you clips seem
choppy (like a lot) I know this can happen because it is hard to do movment but just keep trying, look up tutorials I know you'll get there! 5/10
Areylon: woh oh...my...god you are super good but just a bit off "10/10" fluid feetings are great and no slow or too fast movement. 9/10
StarButterfly17: a bit to slow and you're hitting doesn't have a lot of *oomph* in it, like it doesn't look like it would hurt someone but I can tell you try a lot harder than most :>. 6/10
GabrielMax: movment seems too slow at times and camera movment is shaky also no blood effects WTF??? but you are good at animating. 7/10
Xirxeeeeeeeeeeeee: nice and fluid yah some movments though do seem slow at times and also camera is a bit boring when it barely moves. 6/10
Let's rocketit?: it is choppy short everything goes to fast as in WTF IS GOING ON I JUST SAW IT IN FIVE SECONDS!!! 2/10
Cell cat: the walking seems of for a reason I don't know it's fluid but it looks like tweening but you can actually animate stuff and that's an upside. 4/10
Madness Boy: animation is fluid and great body (and I use very loosely) ragdoll physics :T also you can use effects well and can animate feet, goddam I hate feet, that's why I cut mine off! 7/10
SaucySauce:...Fuck you 5/10
Grumpy666: WOW you improved a lot so fluid great movment such blood effects I love the style of animation but I can't explain it! 8/10
Sentry Turbo: Fluid long clip/s and awesome movement you can use effects (that's important!) and feetings. 8/10
Omega17172: I don't know how to grade since the clips I see are all pre made animations from dudingdarn but i'll just guess you're a good animator :T. 3/10
Own Omega: yesh I like very fluid but some tests are not finished :O you can obviously do everything neccecary though! 8/10
Shadz64: choppy and just seems out of place at times you probably don't understand what I mean by that but with enough time and effort you'll be great! 3/10
DaskerKs: I can't say much but I'll give you a. 0/10 (just kidding 10/10)

Ok i'll just slowly walk back outta here :T good job I guess?

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As Always a great song and I was wondering if I could us it in an animation

Good song djjaner hey could I use this for a madness project

Djjaner responds:

yes, use this

could I use this for an animation short in the future?

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I like what you've done here! pretty nice warm colours

SM28 responds:

thank you!

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